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Welcome to Pre98.com, our newest & most user friendly website. Pre98 Antiques has been in the Collectible Firearms business since 1989, dealing in vintage military & investment grade firearms.  We specialize in rare, desirable, & mint condition guns, and crisp original holsters for the serious and advanced collector and primarily deal in military firearms from the first half of the 20th century, focusing on the World Wars.

We are rapidly becoming the largest and most well know dealer in this field in the country; and the primary reason for our success is our highly regarded reputation for having a great eye and our very close collaboration with our clients.  At our core is the philosophy that you are collecting as an escape from life’s daily struggles and we strive to make our dealings as pleasant and rewarding for you as we possibly can.  We are all mutually fascinated by the history and romance of collecting and being the care takers of what amounts to 20th century industrial art at its finest.

Our newest site will give you exclusive access to our extensive inventory of firearms and accessories, which is updated daily with new and interesting items.  The effort that goes into finding these treasures is a massive and continuous undertaking.  We attend approximately 35 military/gun shows a year throughout the country, allowing us to gather the most desirable artifacts, and we also utilize our vast network of knowledgeable collectors, buyers, and dealers who supply us with an endless stream of new and exciting finds.

Most of our business is with Curio & Relics (C&R) licensees, and FFL transfers and of course we do direct sales for Virginia residents.  When you find that special firearm ,holster or artifact that you’ve been looking for, we will work with you to make the buying process as easy as possible, while complying with all applicable firearms regulations. We are based in Winchester, Virginia; and we welcome our clients at our office, Tuesday through Thursday weekly. Appointments are recommended.

At Pre98, we take pride in our superior customer service, and guarantee the authenticity of each item, and the accuracy of its description.  If you are searching for something that may not be in our inventory, or if you have items you are no longer interested in keeping, please contact Scott Benedict at 703-628-5862, email Pre98@aol.com, or Brett Inman at 919-633-0031, email Brett@pre98.com, and we will be more than happy to assist you further.

Thank you for visiting our site, feel free to stop by as often as you like, and please make sure that you share this site, with your friends too!  Also, be the first to know about what we have acquired, by following us on the social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, under Pre98 Antiques.

If you cannot find what you need on our site, please visit our trusted friends at Legacy Collectibles.

We look forward to seeing, or speaking with you soon!

Scott & Brett