Pre98’s Fall Campaign is in Full Swing…….Welcome to All of Our New Clients!

True Essence of the Gun

At Pre98 Antiques, We take pride in our relationships with all of our clients; our old treasured friends and all of our newly added friends that we are so fortunate to work with. Many of you have commented on why you love doing business with us and we take that feedback to heart, learn from it and create the best experience we can. Among the reasons that we often hear are the high quality of the firearms we offer for sale. As many of you know, we have a well known reputation for only selling the highest condition items. We constantly have folks rave about our descriptions which capture all of the important aspects of each firearm that we offer. We are happy to know those are useful as we put a lot of time and consideration when we add a new product to our site. We also receive great feedback on our non-sterile insightful pictures that allow you to see the true sense of each firearm in order for you to make an accurate and informed buying decision. Because of that, our firearms and holster pictures are referenced in nearly a dozen reference books.

Our customer service is of the up most importance to us. That, matched with over 50 years of experience in this field, allows us to capture the True Essence of the Gun which speaks to why  OUR RETURN RATE IS LESS THAN 1%!!! We don’t and won’t disappoint! A Good Gun Dealer is ALWAYS ON THE CLOCK, WE ARE UNMATCHED IN THE INDUSTRY BY ALWAYS BEING ON CALL 24/7.  We attend 30-40 guns shows annually. During our travels we take the time to regularly visit clients throughout the country. These face to face interactions allow us to discuss your (the clients) needs on a personal level and from those who’ve been through our process. We are just as driven by the joy and passion of collecting and preserving our Military Heritage as you are………Scott & Brett